D&D Travel Services, LLC - Air ticketing fees, terms and conditions!

D&D Travel does not run just air tickets alone, except for existing clients and under special circumstances. Unless separate air is part of a cruise and/or tour package, in cases where we do run such tickets, the transaction is strictly between the customer and the airline via the airline's website and the carrier is SOLELY responsible for billing and any subsequent schedule changes, equipment and/or seating changes, etc. We facilitate the processing of such tickets directly with the carrier, via their website, on behalf of the customer as a convenience ONLY.

D&D Travel is NOT an agent of any air carrier!

In cases where we do run tickets, via the airline's website, a ticketing fee is due by CHECK only. That fee is $25 per ticket (per person) for simple credit card billed domestic airfare and is nonrefundable. ALL airline's rules apply, including each carrier's baggage, cancellation and refund policies. International air ticketing fees may vary. In cases where we spend time arranging International air, the fee is between $50 and $100 per ticket, by CHECK only. All fees are NONREFUNDABLE and are agreed upon prior to any such transactions. Any changes to existing tickets will again incur these processing fees as well.

Thanks for your understanding!