Dawson's Creek Territory !


Top row, left: Our good friend Sean meets up with Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams on location in Southport ... one advantage of living nearby!


Katie Holmes & Sean Furey at the Shrimp House in Southport, NC during a break in shooting...













Ever since the WB television network's Dawson's Creek hit the air, folks have been fascinated and captivated by the cast and the location. Capeside, Massachusettts, as some already know, was actually the area in and around Wilmington, NC- and the Cape Fear Coast. The climate and the varied location scenery offered the production company a perfect place to shoot the series. That, coupled with a major motion picture production facility - EUE Screen Gems Studios, makes Wilmington the largest movie and television production center east of Hollywood, California ! Feature films such as Billy Bathgate, Cyborg, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Weekend at Bernie's, and many others were produced in the Cape Fear area, which includes Wilmington, Wrightsville, Carolina and Kure Beaches, and the towns of Southport, Oakport and Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

The region is a fascinating place to visit. There are many spots in and around Wilmington, used as locations for Dawson's Creek - and now One Tree Hill. In fact, our premier hotel, the Hilton Wilmington Riverside, has shown in the background of many DC scenes shot along the waterfront. It's still the perfect base from which to explore all of Dawson's Creek and OTH territory !

You might visit the Ice House, the Dockside on Wrightsville Sound, the video store where Pacey worked, the site used as Capeside High, or the lovely gardens visited by Jen and Dawson. Wander the waterfront or the streets of downtown Wilmington where many scenes are created - you could end up watching a location shoot for One Tree Hill, or for a number of other projects currently in production. You're sure to recognize the area! You might even wander through the quaint village of Southport, where still other scenes have been/continue to be shot.

Clockwise from top: The Cafe at Screen Gems; Downtown Wilmington waterfront; Hewlett's  (Dawson's) Creek; The riverboat Henrietta II (now replaced by III), often seen in DC and One Tree Hill backgrounds along the riverfront, especially the OTH basketball court, located just across the river from downtown Wilmington, in Battleship Park...


Wilmington-Cape Fear Area

Betsy Brodie Roberts, author of the definitive guide to film production in Wilmington, North Carolina, and an extra in DC and many other locally made films.

photos on this site c. 1999, D. Hubbs. They may not be reproduced !



Mural outside Hollywood Connections Cafe at EUE Screen Gems Studios






1. " Logan's Marina " - where Joey previously worked...was used frequently in many "marina" scenes.
2. Katie Holmes takes time to pose with a fan from Connecticut, on location. Miss Holmes is a genuine sweetheart, and it shows! This was the real Katie and we were lucky enough to have spent several hours with her that day!
3. The Dockside on Wrightsville Sound. The cast often dined here on great seafood - the deck has been used often in many scenes.
4. Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, site of several movie, TV and DC / OTH scenes
5. The main gate at EUE Screen Gems. Studio tours are available on weekends, which now includes the sets of One Tree Hill. These are VERY popular, as the sets are "live" - that is, in current use!
6. Screen Play Video in downtown Wilmington, where Pacey ( Joshua Jackson ) worked after school. Katie used to live above the store. The store is no longer a video shop.
7. Alderman Hall at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington - used extensively as the front of Capeside High School.
8. The Ice House, in downtown Wilmington. It was burned in a previous script, due to nearby construction, which would have caused production problems...
9. James Van Der Beek and Eve ( Brittany Daniel , center ) wait for the next take of the "boat accident" scene.
10. The crew checks location equipment in front of the " new " marina building, next door to the Shrimp House restaurant (at left) in Southport, NC




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