D&D Travel's 2018 Ireland Getaway - "Galway & the West of Ireland"

Arriving and Returning home from Ireland - Customs, VAT refunds, etc.

 Arriving in Ireland is an easy process! At Dublin, you'll debark and pass through Immigration where you'll present your passport. They may ask a few simple questions, such as how long you'll be staying, your hotel and the purpose of your visit (touring with a group). After that, you'll go to bag claim, collect your luggage and pass through the GREEN ("nothing to declare/non-EU passengers") channel to the arrivals hall where our driver/guide will meet us. There are free luggage carts available for you in bag claim. Once we are all together, our driver will lead us to the coach park (it's a bit of a walk) where we'll all assist in loading our bags...then we're off...Welcome to Ireland!!

* * * * * * * *

Flying home to Hartford (and Boston for that matter) is greatly simplified in that you'll clear US customs and immigration IN DUBLIN! On arrival at the airport, we'll proceed to the ticket counter to check-in, then pass through security, through the departure duty-free shops (of course!) and into the main waiting area. You'll then proceed to the tax-back desk and kiosk if you need to. Dennis will be there to guide you through that process. US Customs and Immigration will announce when you may pass through to pre-clear on the way to the gate. PLEASE be aware of the announcement! NOTE: While available, food, etc. is limited in the gate area!  Remember - NO liquids, creams, etc. in your carry-on bags!!! Also, there is a new system in place, which should still be in effect, where you'll swipe your passports through a scanner on the way to the gate. Be SURE to have your passports handy through this whole process!

The up side? On arrival in Hartford, you'll go directly to bag claim, grab your luggage and proceed to your car!!

NOTE: You will have electronic tickets - no paper. Just check-in with your flight number and passport. Have your e-ticket receipt handy just in case there are any issues.

Click on the icon above for complete info on passing through US Customs and Immigration Pre-Clearance at DUB! Watch the excellent 2 minute video on the pre-screening and clearance process for US residents!