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Unique landscape photography by Bloomfield, Connecticut  photographer/author Dennis A. Hubbs


Dennis Hubbs, co-owner of D&D Travel Services, LLC in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is the author of three coffee-table style photographic art books - Images by Dennis and Images by Dennis, Volume 2 and 3. The first two contain many of the author's favorite images of his hometown of Bloomfield and all around New England, Montana, the Pacific Northwest, Ireland and Iceland. Volume 3 is dedicated entirely to his hometown of Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Dennis has been photographing landscapes for 40+ years - for the last 23 as co-owner of the travel agency along with his wife Donna. "For a number of years now, folks have been telling me that they'd like to see a collection of my images for sale and/or in book form, so I finally caved in to the pressure!" He is a member of CAPA - the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, as well as a Certified Travel Counselor and, for many years, a writer/photographer for Hartford Publications' The Journal. His work has appeared in the Hartford Courant, both in and on the cover of the former iTowns/ MyTowns print sections, in Bloomfield calendars published by Ironwood Community Partners, in many town publications and on a number of town websites...

In addition to the books, Dennis sells his photographs in matted form at many area arts and craft shows during the year. He is best reached by email:


All three volumes can be previewed and purchased on-line here or simply by clicking on either image above (or below for the Bloomfield, CT edition). They are available in soft or hard cover...See below for a link to the Ebook format for the Ipad - Available only at 


Available only at 

Images by Dennis,Volume 3 - Bloomfield, Connecticut in Photographs. This third volume is a collection of over 100 color images depicting the beautiful scenery the town has to offer, including a number of historical homes, sites and landmarks. Also available in hard or soft cover and in an Ipad version. A must for all Bloomfield (and past Bloomfield) residents! Click here for the details.

*ALSO available in Ebook format for the Ipad:


Above photographs are from Images by Dennis, Volume Two (available as matted images as well)

Photographs Copyright 2014, Dennis A. Hubbs. All rights reserved. 


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