D&D Travel Presents Ireland 2014 - Our 15th Annual Getaway - to Killarney & the Southwest Coast, November 2 - 8. These two pages contain 33 images each from our fabulous trip to the Emerald Isle. We hope you enjoy and will perhaps join us for our next Getaway!     - Dennis & Donna                                        [HOME]     

Holy Trinity Abbey, Adare, County Clare - founded in 1232...

Thatched cottage, Adare

Raindrops cover Fuchsia in bloom in November, Adare

Stained glass, Holy Trinity Abbey

Above two images: Downtown Killarney Town

Above and below: More lovely stained glass adorns St. Mary's Church of Ireland, Killarney

Above and below: Colorful Killarney Town

Nothing like a "real" pint (or 2) of Guinness at Hannigan's, in the International Hotel, Killarney

Above and next two below: Beautiful formations deep underground in Crag Cave, Castleisland, County Kerry

Above and next five images below: Muckross House & Gardens, Killarney National Park

Muckross Lake, Killarney National Park...

Red Deer stags fighting it out in Killarney National Park!

Above and below:  "Enchanted Forest" - Moss covers the rocks along Devils Punch Bowl River as it tumbles from Torc Waterfall toward Muckross Lake in Killarney National Park...

Torc Waterfall in all its raging glory!

The moon glows on a cool evening in Killarney Town...

Above and below: At the 15th Century Ross Castle, Killarney

Above two images: at 3-mile long Inch Strand, along the Dingle Peninsula. The film "Ryan's Daughter" was filmed here...

A well-preserved 12th century beehive hut along the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

Along Dingle Bay..."What, no food?" I'm outta here!

Above - the scene opposite Dingle Bay, below!

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