On the fence about joining our Getaway? Please read a few of our past traveler's references:

Recommendations from past Getaway travelers:

"We have been on three of D&D's past excursions to Ireland -- Galway, Killarney and Dublin. We love their approach to visiting Ireland, namely focusing on one area and visiting sites nearby (as opposed to many other tours of Ireland that consist of many hours in a bus crossing all over the country and moving from hotel to hotel).  In the process, we have developed a true appreciation for the various regions such that we now realize that saying you have "been to Ireland" is like saying you have "been to the US".   The west coast of Ireland is definitely the most beautiful and pristine and we very much are looking forward to the beauty that we know Donegal will have to offer and hope to see many past fellow travelers as well as meet new faces.  We highly recommend the D&D Annual Irish Excursion as an affordable and enjoyable way to immerse yourself in Irish culture for a week.  Donna & Dennis will make sure that you see what you should see while allowing you enough time to explore on your own."                                                                                

- Deb & Mike Sweeney, Simsbury, CT

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"Traveling to Ireland with Donna and Dennis is a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.  You can rest assured that all the details have been taken care of before the plane lands in Dublin.  And since you usually stay in one location, you do not have to endure starting the morning with repacking and preparing to move to a new location.  It is a delight to start each morning with a great Irish breakfast and then begin your day’s activities at a comfortable morning hour.  On former trips to Killarney, Bray, and Kinsale and their environs, we experienced a leisurely well-planned itinerary with free time to explore and discover on our own.  November is a excellent time to visit Ireland.  The tour crowds are smaller; the air is brisk; and it is always fun to enter a pub and sit by a warming fire.  Donna and Dennis are great, caring hosts and are committed to making your trip a rewarding experience.  All in all, we've thoroughly enjoyed our previous three trips to Ireland and are looking forward to seeing the Donegal region."                             


- Bob and Pauline Edwards, South Glastonbury, CT

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"What a pleasant surprise my first trip to Ireland was with Donna and Dennis!  I had never vacationed alone before, never mind out of the country on my own.  Needless to say, I was quite hesitant and nervous.  But, right after the first phone call to Dennis, my hesitation was gone.  Donna and Dennis create a completely warm, welcoming and friendly environment for all of their travelers, especially those traveling alone.  They create a fun and very easy way to travel.  ALL details are taken care of  for you, truly creating a worry free vacation.  And they are always available to answer any questions you have – from passports, air travel, money exchange, and most importantly do I need to bring my hairdryer?!  Their awesome tour guide, who has been with them for the past 12 years, also provides a great deal of entertainment and insight into the country.  You never leave feeling like you missed something.  In addition to all of the tourist attractions, they make sure you see the true “local” flavors of each part of the country.    I have traveled with Donna and Dennis 3 times now, and there will be future trips.  Each trip gives you the opportunity to laugh, meet new people and make new friends.  However, on each trip there are also familiar faces from trips past.  Each trip I have taken has been a bit of a “reunion” with old friends, and some lasting friendships created as well.

Since my first trip with Donna and Dennis, I have also traveled with other tour groups to other countries.  Nobody comes close to providing the warm and welcoming atmosphere, ease of travel, value and fun that Donna and Dennis do."                         


- Lisa Lombardi, Meriden CT                                                                            [home]