D&D Travel - Victoria's Butchart Gardens, Seattle's Chihuly Garden & Glass and the Quinault Rainforest...May, 2017.

images copyright 2017, Dennis A. Hubbs, D&D Travel Services, LLC

Butchart Gardens, in Victoria, British Columbia, is a not-to-be-missed attraction! The following images were taken during a night time visit (from dusk on) - "Night Illuminations." This is a truly magical place in the dark!!

Incredible color!!!!

The main pool is the pit in what once was a rock quarry 100 years ago!!

In Seattle center, next to the Space Needle, is the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum. No need to describe what you are about to see!!! Unbelievable...

...and the outdoor gardens!

The Quinault Rainforest in all it's lush, green glory!

The Quinault River, flowing out of Lake Quinault, west to the Pacific Ocean...

Tiny, delicate white flowers growing out of the space between a split tree trunk, along with ferns and moss...A perfect example of the lush growth along the Quinault River deep in the rainforest!


Thanks for visiting! We hope you have enjoyed these images from Washington State!  - Dennis and Donna



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