We LOVED Alaska - it's a glorious place to of the last remaining "frontiers" and best seen by "cruise-tour," but even a cruise by itself will introduce you to the wonders that are Alaska. Enjoy these 11 images and by all means let us help you plan a trip of a lifetime to this incredible destination - before it all melts away! - Donna and Dennis

Donna holds our guides hand as we explore Taku Glacier's icefields, southeast of Juneau. On cloudy days, the aqua blue hues visible through the ice are accentuated, resulting in a stunning, other-worldly effect!

Our helicopter on the glacial ice...Each carries 3-4 passengers and two machines always make each trip - just in case one doesn't start for the return journey! Note: That has not happened yet, according to our guide!

Appearing almost as a Moonscape, the melting ice (photo taken in May) forms gorgeous crystal-clear glacial pools, again with that deep aqua color - understand that these photos are NOT color enhanced!!

Creek Street in downtown Ketchikan - very colorful and restored closely to how it appeared during the great Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1890s. There are many unique shops along the boardwalk...It's a fun place to explore and spend some time.

Girls bekon visitors to Dolly's House  - a museum where one can learn about the "bawdier" side of life during the gold rush - on the boardwalk along Creek Street in downtown Ketchikan.

As seen from the Ocean Princess - the last stages of a calving glacier in Glacier Bay National Park - a not-to-be-missed part of any Alaska cruise experience...and happening all-too-frequently these days as the ice melts due to global warming...Now is a good time to experience this sight!

An eerie quiet extends along Glacier Bay, seen from our balcony stateroom, as the ship slowly and quietly glides past millions of tiny pieces of glacial ice. As they melt, the ice chips pop and crackle, creating a surreal sound - and scene - that simply cannot be fully appreciated in any photograph...

Heading south from Yukon Territory, the White Pass and Yukon Railroad chugs along toward Skagway. The train can be taken in either direction; a motorcoach will carry you along the roadway in the other direction. The scenery from the train is awesome; you are even allowed to hang out between cars for photos... Dennis rode the entire trip outside, finding many opportunities for photographic magic along the way!

Downtown Skagway, looking much as it did in the 1800s (minus the cars!)Skagway was the starting point for the Great Gold Rush and is the southern terminus of the White Pass & Yukon narrow gauge railroad. In 1898, the town's population was between 8 and 10 thousand, making it then the largest city in Alaska. These days, it's an almost ghost town when the summer tourists disappear.

The lake at Portage Glacier, in Portage Glacier Recreation Area, about 50 miles south of Anchorage along Route 1, is an easy drive from town and well worth the effort! The Visitor's Center, which once had an excellent view of the glacier itself, is now 3 miles from the foot of Portage, as it has receded around a bend! Travelers can come within 300 feet of it by taking a boat - the MV Ptarmigan, from the Visitor's Center. This is one of the most popular - and beautiful - sights in the area!

A lovely cascade tumbles down into ice blue Portage Lake - one of many waterfalls visible during the boat ride to the foot of the glacier. The park is 8600 acres in the Chugach National Forest, in the Portage Valley at the head of Turnagain Arm.

All photographs are c. Dennis Hubbs, D&D Travel Services, LLC

As you can see, Alaska presents some stunning scenery that, again, even photos cannot do justice to! You MUST experience this place firsthand and now is the time, as the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate! Call us for expert help and guidance in planning your trip to this amazing wilderness...We are Princess Alaska Certified Experts! Alaska - it's an experience you will not soon forget...




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