D&D Travel presents - Flora Along the Trail to Blackledge Falls, in Glastonbury, Connecticut...Enjoy!         


Above three images: One of two plunges at Blackledge. This one is about 25 feet in height, fed by the Blackledge River...With its low volume, you can actually stand behind this drop, as the pools are very shallow here! The trail is uphill somewhat and downhill a bit near the falls, but easily passable and well-marked with blue/white blazes - about a half-mile one-way. At times of high water, as in Spring or right after a good rain, the falls can be especially spectacular and are well worth a visit. 

When walking along a woodland trail - even a relatively short one such as this, keep your eyes open! From the many shades of green reflected off delicate leaves of a sunlit fern to colorful spotted berries to a tiny red and yellow blossom dripping from a passing shower - nature provides some spectacular photo opportunities, almost everywhere you look!     - Donna and Dennis




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