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Above and immediately below: A small stream, filled with early spring snowmelt, tumbles down the hillside toward Mountain Brook, entering between the 4th and 5th cascades of Enders Falls...

The first of five waterfalls, easily accessible at the beginning of the trail...

Enders Falls lies within Enders State Forest, on scenic Route 219 in West Granby, Connecticut, just a few miles south of Route 20...Above and the following two images are of just one of the falls - the third - as there is a series of 5 along this stretch of Mountain Brook... This one is perhaps the loveliest of all!

Enders Falls consists of horsetails, cascades, plunges and slides, with the tallest drop being about 30 feet and the shortest about 6. The trail to the lowest is 0.4 miles long and not too tough a hike except for the last portion, but the banks down to the stream can be steep and slippery, especially during winter/spring and after rains...If you are VERY careful, you'll be rewarded with these kinds of photos...well worth the hike!

A vertical shot, in black-and-white, well - illustrates the beauty of this place, even at winter's edge! There is a small parking lot on the east side of Route 219, marked with a State of CT. state forest sign, where you can park.  Just 500 feet or so down the easy trail, you'll reach the first, (6-foot ) cascade...Happy exploring from there and thanks for looking!                        -Donna and Dennis

images c. 2013, Dennis A. Hubbs, D&D Travel Services, LLC



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