D&D Travel presents Ireland 2008 - A Sampling of Our 9th Annual Getaway to Galway and the West of Ireland...Please enjoy! - Donna & Dennis

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Images c. 2008, Dennis A. Hubbs, D&D Travel Services, LLC

Stained glass adorns a sanctuary of the Church of Ireland in Galway City...

Along cobble-stoned Quay Street in downtown Galway City, a few feet from Jury's Inn...

A street musician performs for passersby on the pedestrian section of Quay Street

Lovely jewelry adorns many a shop window - much of it handmade in Ireland

Typical Irish transport vehicle!

A toy store window displays a marionette, anxiously awaiting a new home!

The River Corrib, on its way from the lake of the same name, to Galway Bay just a few hundred yards to the west. Just a few feet to the right (and out of the frame) is Jury's Inn, Galway. The hotel is in a fantastic location directly along the river and the sound of the rushing water will easily lulls you to sleep at night!

A colorful, weather-beaten boat lies along the banks of the Corrib at low tide, moored at Alexander Nimmo Pier, Galway City...

The "Claddagh" - a "hooker" or traditional Galway sailing boat - used in Galway Bay and known for its strength in rough seas. The boat is enjoying renewed popularity in this part of the country...

Sunset over Galway Bay...

The city at night, along Quay Street...Both the Moon and Jupiter can be seen in the cool night sky as several pretty Irish girls converse...This image is unenhanced!

One of many castle ruins along Galway Bay in the West of Ireland...Some can be accessed by the public and a number are undergoing restoration and preservation

The Burren - an immense area of barren, stony ground along Ireland's west coast and the primary source of rock used to make those omni-present stone walls that criss-cross the countryside almost everywhere one travels in Ireland...

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, County Clare. This tomb was in use during the Megalithic period and radiocarbon dates place its use between 3,800 - 3,600 BC. It is just one of the many lovely sights along the Burren - home to countless wildflowers during the spring and summer months...

Mountains and a mysterious mist reflect in the mirror-like waters of Inchiquin Lough (lake) in County Clare, along the regional road toward Ennis

The famous Kylemore Abbey...The Abbey is the Monastic home of the Benedictine Order of Nuns in Ireland, located in the scenic Connemara region...Its gardens, a portion of the Abbey and a lovely chapel are open to the public...It is perhaps the most-photographed landmark in Ireland!

Brightly-colored flowers fill a window box in a typical Irish village - even in November!

Four ancient gravestones mark graves on the grounds of St. Mary's Cathedral in Tuam, County Galway. The Cathedral, part of the Church of Ireland, houses a 12th century chancel...The history of Tuam (pronounced "toom") dates back to the bronze age when the area was used as a burial ground. In the 19th century a bronze age burial urn was discovered in the area. The history of Tuam as a settlement actually dates from the early 6th century.

Ancient ironwork protects gravesites at St. Mary's Cathedral in Tuam

Everywhere one looks, gorgeous scenery greets visitors to Ireland's countryside!

The very famous Cliffs of Moher, located between Doolin and Liscannor in the Burren, being pounded by wind, mist and the mighty waves of the North Atlantic...Not to be missed, in good or not so good weather! A new visitor's center greets travelers, dug into a hillside at the site...

Three lovely Irish school girls greet us with a "thumbs-up"one afternoon, from across a rain-dampened street in downtown Ennis, County Clare

Just some of the colorful storefronts along the streets of downtown Ennis...typical of many Irish towns and villages throughout the Emerald Isle!

Our final image - one of the most beautiful rainbows we have ever seen greets us after a brief  Irish "mist"...Perhaps there really is a pot of gold at the end of this gift of nature! You'll have to join us one November to find out for yourself...Why Ireland? Because you deserve it!


 Join us on our yearly Irish Getaway in November - each year to a different part of the country. Discover all that the Land of the Leprechaun has to offer!

Thanks so much for visiting - D&D



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