Montana Ghost Railway - The Drummond and Philipsburg Railroad Company - photos by D&D Travel Services, LLC

During a recent visit to Montana, we discovered this old, abandoned rail line that ran along Montana State Route 1 - the Pintler Scenic Route - between Drummond and Philipsburg, southeast of Missoula. The rails and many of the ties still remain! According to the State of Montana 1993 Rail Plan, "This 26 mile-long branch line, located in Granite County, has been out of service for ten years since a derailment damaged a segment of track. What business there was has gone to truck for the short haul to East Helena. Little rail haul potential is envisioned. This line, too, is a likely future candidate for abandonment." The railway was built to handle mines and livestock in this area of Southwest Montana. The line began in Drummond, by present-day I-90, at the junction with the Northern Pacific Railroad, running south to Philipsburg...     [home]

The rail bed - tracks still in place - along Route 1 and alongside Flint Creek

Above and below - ghost rails, with the ties long disintegrated, stretch into the distance...

The Drummond and Philipsburg Railroad Company was incorporated on January 17, 1887 and sold to the Northern Pacific and Montana Railroad Company on September 7, 1888.  There was also an extension to Rumsey, Montana, that was abandoned in 1904.

The rail bed, slightly raised at this point, with Lolo National Forest to the west

Above and below - a wooden railway bridge carries the tracks across Flint Creek, north of Philipsburg...

Thanks for visiting! - Donna and Dennis, D&D Travel

photos c. 2011, 2012, Dennis A. Hubbs, D&D Travel




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