Terms and Conditions – D&D Travel Services, LLC


I understand that D&D Travel Services, LLC is not the source or supplier of the travel services I have requested and acts solely as an agent for the actual suppliers of such services. I have been advised that the suppliers whose names appear in the information supplied to me are those who are actually responsible for providing the travel services I have purchased. I consent to and request the use of those suppliers and agree not to hold D&D Travel Services, LLC responsible should any of these suppliers: 1) fail to provide the travel services I have purchased; 2) fail to comply with any applicable law; or 3) engage in any negligent act or omission that causes me any sort of injury, damage, delay, financial loss or other inconvenience. If renting a car in a country that requires left-hand driving and/or with a right-hand drive vehicle, I take full responsibility for any incidents and/or accidents that may occur due to inexperience or any other factors.

I accept that D&D Travel Services, LLC is not responsible for, nor will I attempt to hold it liable for any injury, damage or loss I may suffer for any conditions, actions or omissions that are beyond reasonable control of D&D Travel Services, LLC.

I will review my travel documents for accuracy upon receipt and understand that I may contact D&D Travel Services, LLC if I have any questions. I understand that discounted fares typically involve restrictions and that changing any aspect of my travel arrangements after deposit and/or final payment may result in the payment of additional money by me.

I understand that if traveling internationally, I must have a valid passport and depending upon my destination and the origin of my passport, I may need to obtain a visa. Passport and visa information may be obtained by visiting the Department of State’s official website at: http://www.travel.state.gov/ . Non-US passport holders should be certain to contact the embassies of their destination and transit countries to obtain entrance requirements.

To obtain medical information, you should visit: www.cdc.gov/travel - the government’s

Center for Disease Control’s  (CDC) travel section.

I understand that I may purchase travel insurance protection to cover certain risks inherent in travel such as supplier bankruptcy and the inability to travel due to covered personal or medical emergency. I understand that I may obtain information on travel protection from D&D Travel Services, LLC and that if offered such protection and subsequently refuse, I am 100% responsible for any financial loss as a result of being unable to travel, for any reason.

These terms and conditions apply to all travel services offered by D&D Travel Services, LLC and referring to these electronically and/or receiving a copy with my documents constitutes my legal signature and full agreement with these terms and conditions.

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